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Your healthy sleep is based on genuine manual work. Basic & Comfort means restful sleep at the highest level. Take the Soulmade sleep experience home with you.

The bed system consists of an insert frame, Basic & Comfort, natural latex 10 cm and Tencel box covers.
Insertion frame -two-piece solid spruce wood frame: The stable foundation consists of untreated spruce wood. The fast-growing domestic raw material serves as a valuable basis for the BASIC & COMFORT elements. The inlay frame consists of untreated spruce wood. Two outer and one middle longitudinal beam (20x100 mm) with a middle groove (7/6 mm) for the individual fastening of head and foot wedges, connected with 4 cross beams form the supporting substructure. For bed widths from 120 cm, we have opted for an insert frame with 4 longitudinal beams for reasons of stability. In principle, the insert frames are manufactured in two parts, as this makes them easier to handle and reduces transport costs. If a bed construction does not have any lateral support strips, assembly strips must be fitted subsequently, otherwise there is a risk that the insertion frame will break through during the connection.
Basic & Comfort: The heart of the bed system, provides optimal pressure distribution and support in every lying position. It consists of 2 x 40 ash wood crimesels and 7 latex strips enclosed in cotton sleeves. BASIC & COMFORT means restful sleep at the highest level. While the BASIC Rimellen of the first level provide support, the elliptical Rimellen of the COMFORT Element of the second level nestle perfectly to each body rounding. The statically exact calculation of the individual elements to each other results in an ideal pressure compensation on the entire lying surface. Together, BASIC & COMFORT adjust to every sleeping position again and again. HEIGHT: 12 cm.
Natur latex: The cover is made of untreated cotton and has a three-sided zipper. The breathable and temperature-regulating natural latex is a good choice even for allergy sufferers. The natural latex can be connected to the COMFORT element with a zip. 100% natural latex - i.e. no synthetic latex has been added to the mixture. The final product contains approx. 95% natural latex after vulcanisation. The remaining part are chemical additives for stabilization and durability. This is the most ecologically sound product on the latex market. Two 150cm long zippers for the connection with the COMFORT element are attached to each of the long sides. Due to this (still) unique connection, slipping of the latex layer is no longer possible.
Tencel box covers: washable, air-conditioning net on the underside, covers with 4-sided zipper and suitable for allergy sufferers. The cover envelops the spring element and the natural latex and prevents the individual parts from slipping. The upper fabric with zipper consists of high-quality TENCEL material, the filling of polyester hollow fibre. A breathable net on the underside ensures good ventilation and climate regulation.
80/90 x 200 cm - Insertion frame - 145€
80/90 x 200 cm - Basic & Comfort - 1290€
80/90 x 200 cm - 100% Natural latex - 610€
80/90 x 200 cm - Tencel box cover - 230€
-> Set Price: 2275€

100 x 200 cm - Insertion frame - 155€
100 x 200 cm - Basic & Comfort - 1350€
100 x 200 cm - 100% Natural latex - 670€
100 x 200 cm - Tencel box covers - 250€
-> Set Price: 2425€

120 x 200 cm - Insertion frame - 220€
120 x 200 cm - Basic & Comfort - 1560€
120 x 200 cm - 100% Natural latex - 730€
120 x 200 cm - Tencel box covers - 310€
-> Set Price: 2820€

140 x 200 cm - Insertion frame - 230€
140 x 200 cm - Basic & Comfort - 1660€
140 x 200 cm - 100% Natural latex - 840€
140 x 200 cm - Tencel box covers - 325€
-> Set Price: 3055€

  • Properties
  • Possible sizes80/90/100/120/140 x 200 cm
  • Size natural latex10 cm
  • Height Basic & Comfort12 cm


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