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Early Summer Honey from Garching by Munich, Bavaria


Content: 500 (€2.00  / 100 Gramm)

The Soulmade Honey - regionally worth it

By purchasing from a local beekeeper, you automatically support species richness and pollination in the area. The liquid gold of the beekeeper - that is the apt name for this delicious food. Honey is not only sugar, but also contains innumerable enzymes and a small amount of pollen.
Observed mainrachten: Saliva willow, rape, field maple, fruit blossom, dandelion
Best before: 26 May 2020
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
(Base Price per 100g: 2,00€)
  • Processing
  • The honey is thrown from the combs, filtered, creamy stirred
  • Then the honey is gently heated and bottled.
  • Properties
  • Content500g
  • Harvest dateMay 2018
  • Best beforeMay 26th, 2020
  • Base Price per 100g2.00€


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